1900 Scenic Drive, Suite 2214
Georgetown, Texas 78626

After Hours

If you have what you feel is a true medical emergency, please call 911 immediately or go to your nearest emergency room.

We will only manage prescription refills during regular office hours.

Occasionally patients have symptoms that are more bothersome than others. The nagging burning with urination or the menstrual period that is getting heavier are such examples. A delayed medical evaluation is sometimes not the best way to manage these. We usually can give established patients an appointment the same day. If you have been unable to make an appointment in the office, I suggest the following urgent care clinics for after-hours evaluation:

NextCare Urgent Care
900 N. Austin Ave, Suite 105
Georgetown, TX
Mon-Fri: 8a-8pm
Sat-Sun: 8a-4pm
CVS Minute Clinic
4426 Williams Drive
Georgetown, TX
Mon-Fri: 8a-8pm
Sat-Sun: 10a-4pm
St. David’s Urgent Care
1700 Palm Valley
Round Rock, TX
Mon-Sat: 8a-8pm
Sun: 11a-7pm
ExpressMD Urgent Care
Pfluger Crossing Shopping Center #106
Pflugerville, TX
Mon-Fri: 10a-9pm
Sat-Sun: 10a-5pm
Texas Med Clinic (Next to Outlet Mall)
4851 North IH-35
Round Rock, TX
Mon-Sun: 8a-11pm
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