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30 Day Clean Eating Challenge

In conjunction with nutritionist, Chris McKee, we offer a 30 day Clean Eating Challenge to Weight Loss 4 times each year. This class has been very popular and successful for many patients and spouses. The benefits that many have experienced are:

  • Elimination of sugar cravings
  • Better sleep
  • Higher metabolism
  • Mental clarity and calmness
  • Increased physical stamina
  • Blood sugar stabilization
  • Weight released and inches gone, especially around the middle

What some are saying:

We are so thankful that Chris and Dr. Schrier teamed up to do the 30 Day Detox Class. What we learned was a life changer. We were able to understand that making simple changes to our diet (things we could really stick with long ter) would have such significant impact on our bodies, gut and mind. We do not feel we are on a diet – it is now just the way we eat. I have lost 25 pounds and my husband has lost 22. Now that we are 6 months in this change of eating, we feel sharper, smarter and especially smaller! Jeanne

As a past “30 Day Detoxer”, I have maintained the 80/30 eating habit and I have lost a total of 20 lbs. I feel great and have no problem eating this way. I am so happy I went through the program! It has really changed my life. I no longer have the unwanted belly fat and I look like the me I always felt like I was on the inside! Vickie

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